Thursday, May 19, 2005

OOo I love going to the cinema so much fun...

So me and Kitty went to the cinema today to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith which was fun... I'll be writing a review shortly... but I'm not too sure what to think :\ I won't go on about it here though... this isn't the place for reviewing :P
Funny though because Chidgey (Daniel) thought that he and his brother were sitting behind us, but we were sitting behind them Mwhahahaha... its funny to me anyway :P
Oh and there was the BEST Stella Artois advert on the history of surrealism, it was funny because it was true :P
Kitty got a weirdo shark plush thingy, I'd put up a picture but I can't ^^ Not much else happened though :/

Lightsaber should come tomorrow woo!!!!

Au Revoir


At 12:11 pm, Anonymous Catherine said...

hehe yeah haha chidgey we win :D anyway it was a fun day and that shark is the best thing to cuddle in bed, hes almost like a person :o cept shorter and stuff :p


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