Sunday, May 22, 2005


Whoa Lightsaber... although a little bit at the top doesn't light up at least it works :P
I do not understand why a piece of cloth (jedi robe) has to be so goddamn expensive :/ whats the deal with that? If I were at all okish with textiles I could make my own robe and have a nice sith costume that I could centre a short film about :'(

Oh well guess I'll have to stick to my road film for now :(

And unfortunately I only really took a few pictures and they're close up... so all you loyal fans... (me and maybe Kitty if she reads it :P ) ... please enjoy XD Although unfortunately they don't picture very well up close :(

Image hosted by

Sad sith :(

Image hosted by

Neutral sith :

Image hosted by

Crazy sith ^^

Now that we've all enjoyed those wholesome pictures lets all forget our troubles with a BIG bowl of strawberry ice cream.


At 10:40 pm, Anonymous Catherine said...

That strawberry ice cream was yum I might haveta eat some again if we go to London in the summer, maybe I'll just get one scoop next time, or two of the same :P

At 6:22 am, Blogger Cptalbertwesker said...

Um... ok not going off topic at all I see :P


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