Sunday, May 22, 2005


Whoa Lightsaber... although a little bit at the top doesn't light up at least it works :P
I do not understand why a piece of cloth (jedi robe) has to be so goddamn expensive :/ whats the deal with that? If I were at all okish with textiles I could make my own robe and have a nice sith costume that I could centre a short film about :'(

Oh well guess I'll have to stick to my road film for now :(

And unfortunately I only really took a few pictures and they're close up... so all you loyal fans... (me and maybe Kitty if she reads it :P ) ... please enjoy XD Although unfortunately they don't picture very well up close :(

Image hosted by

Sad sith :(

Image hosted by

Neutral sith :

Image hosted by

Crazy sith ^^

Now that we've all enjoyed those wholesome pictures lets all forget our troubles with a BIG bowl of strawberry ice cream.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

OOo I love going to the cinema so much fun...

So me and Kitty went to the cinema today to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith which was fun... I'll be writing a review shortly... but I'm not too sure what to think :\ I won't go on about it here though... this isn't the place for reviewing :P
Funny though because Chidgey (Daniel) thought that he and his brother were sitting behind us, but we were sitting behind them Mwhahahaha... its funny to me anyway :P
Oh and there was the BEST Stella Artois advert on the history of surrealism, it was funny because it was true :P
Kitty got a weirdo shark plush thingy, I'd put up a picture but I can't ^^ Not much else happened though :/

Lightsaber should come tomorrow woo!!!!

Au Revoir

Monday, May 16, 2005

Me Second Blog

Grr no categories available so I'm having to post everything that is not related to films into this, my SECOND :o blog.

Here I may try to be random but fail miserably, I will never be able to re-create the randomness I went through on DeviantART :'(

So here I am, I will be relocating all posts that werent reviews onto this blog.

Hope y'all enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I'm sitting here bored at... 21:36 waiting for Winamp to connect me so that I can watch Monday, the great episode of the X-Files, only to find it has just bloody connected me at the goddamn end of the episode and now its playing Alpha a real boring episode :'( Grrrrrr I'm sure that chinese guy has been in loads of programmes, he looks mighty familar...
I wish this stupid bloggy thing would let me have categories :/ Categories are fun... I think this would be filed under random :)

'I think we killed it' Ya right :P silly chinese men ^^ weird I'm hearing Deus Ex music in my head :o

Aww I wanna watch the X-files now :'( too late to do that...

Hmmm anything else to write... :/

Woo Star Warsy on next Thursday, better be good or I'll get you Lucas... when you least expect it *sneaky eyes with evil grin*

Aww now I've gotten boring :'(

Heh Spotniz whatta cool name ^^

*cries* how much lower can I get....

"ITS HIM!!!"

Woo tomorrow be me last day!! Jay!! hehe I love that face ._. silly european people, mixing their Js and Ys...

Okie I'm gonna complain to the bloggy creators 'bout categories, toodle pip Charloo, hope to see ya again soom time *wavey*

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

David Lynchy

As I'm sure Kitty knows, lately I've been in a very Lynchy mood, and hence have been watching quite a few of his films, that I had been meaning to watch, and so, I will write a few reviews on these such films... while I'm sure you are all waiting in extreme anticipation, here are some pictures of me newest film. :D (Still in production)

Image hosted by
Our Fair setting of the film, a mysterious road!! :O

Image hosted by
Omigod! Wouldn't ya know, Kitty be the star!

Image hosted by
Hey look there I am, woo! Lets hope I win ze competition
when me film is fini