Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's all in the framing people!!!

Sometimes I do not understand how some people work. (may be spoilers in here for Red Eye)

I'd probably help if I had pictures for the precise moments I speak of, but I do not :/ So you'll all have to imagine it.

I say this mainly after my experience of watching Red Eye at the cinema. Starting off as a thriller and ending as a slasher/horror there were of course false shocks to be have.
In this case the particular framing of a shot speculated whether the person was hidden behind some shower curtains… he was not, produced a couple of screams… ?!

The produce another strange framing shot, hell he coulda been behind the door near to the phone, the phone ran, producing another false shock (Wes sure loves to build the tension) Not many people screamed with that, they probably just jumped.

Now this was the worst part of the film in my experience with this new cinema thing. The framing was set right, she was closing the door. As convention went he was going to be behind there –either there or on the ceiling, not being physically possible, he opted for behind the door- and yet none of this screaming audience could comprehend that. They screamed their bloody eyes out.. and I mean, come on. He isn’t that scary looking, I’d go so far as creepy, but scary?

Then this weird cinema audience clapped when the good guys won?

But then I say this, and the part of the cinema that was actively involved in screaming also screamed at the trailer for Land of the Dead…

So what’s with young cinema audiences? As we walked out the cinema, I swear I heard some of them say they screamed on purpose… why? To impress someone? I am dumfounded with people these days :P

End of rant…