Saturday, July 09, 2005

Oh the love of sales :)

Ja woo, HMV have their annual summer sale. Woo :)
Which means that I get more cheap DVDs for my collections :D

And for once the DVDs were cheaper than that of Play :O
So yeah I managed to get like;

Ghost Dog
Two Jakes
The Trial
The Big Sleep
The Invisible Man/Phantom of the Opera
Once upon a Time in the West

And they were like £33 :O thats like £5.50 each :) even though I woulda rather paid £3 each ^^.

I woulda got the LAST (:P) Temptation of Christ, but they didnt have the sale one. :'(

Ja random post. But me like my DVDs. Good collection going strong. 273 DVDs as of this moment. :D